Attorneys for IT & Technology, Industry & Plant Engineering, Construction & Real Estate.

Comprehensive legal advice and representation with specialized sector know-how.

IT & Technology

We advise and represent customers and providers. Urs Egli, who has started his career as in-house legal counsel for a major technology company, and Alexander Schmid, who has worked as a software developer, possess profound technological and commercial know how.
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Industry & Plant Engineering

We support industrial enterprises in all aspects of commercial law. Urs Egli and Christoph Isler have longs-standing experience in negotiating international contracts. As a former engineer, Christoph Isler further possesses technical know-how.
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Construction & Real Estate

We advise and represent suppliers, building owners and planners in all legal questions related to the construction and real estate sectors. Christoph Isler and Michael Merz have worked as civil engineers in construction enterprises before becoming attorneys.
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Corporate & HR

We also support our clients in all corporate and employment law matters.
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Recent publications

epartners Focus

e.2.16 Digital business records

Urs Egli

Through the usage of IT systems compliant with auditing requirements, digital business records can be stored digitally in accordance with statutory law.  The process of scanning written documents lowers, however, their evidentiary value. Therefore, it is recommended to continue to physically store important documents in their original form.

e:1.16 Litigation is expensive

Urs Egli | Jean-Daniel Schmid

Civil litigation requires thorough information on corresponding costs. Litigation is time-consuming and expensive.

e:7.15 Additional transparency in corporate law – new pitfalls for companies and shareholders

Alexander Schmid | Jean-Daniel Schmid

As from 1 July 2015, share corporations, limited liability companies and their shareholders are subject to additional transparency regulation. This holds especially true for bearer shares. Noncompliance with this new regulation can lead to severe consequences.

Scientific and other publications

The statutory reason concerning the provision of collateral for lawyer's fees in civil proceedings

Alexander Schmid | Jean-Daniel Schmid

In civil proceedings, the plaintiff may under certain conditions be ordered to provide collateral for the respondent's potential claim for compensation for lawyer's fees. Such order requires the existence of statutory reason. This article pertains to whether a party or the court is responsible for the collection of the facts potentially leading to such order and the allocation of the burden of proof with respect to the existence of such statutory reason.

Published in: AJP 5/2016

Swiss courts on the value of digital information as evidence

Urs Egli

If in litigation the authenticity of a document is contested, it might be necessary to obtain a statement of an expert witness. Such statement can only be rendered if the expert witness has access to the original copy of the document. If the original copy is not available because the records are only retained in a digitized form, the authenticity cannot be proven and the proceedings might be lost.

Published in: dRSK, publiziert am 30. März 2016

The precautionary deletion of debt collection notices from the register of debt collection

Jean-Daniel Schmid

The publication concerns the question whether debt collection notices may be deleted from the register of debt collection through precautionary measures. The publication raises this question in particular in the context of the general action for a negative declaratory judgment.

Published in: ZZZ 2014/2015